Miami Airport Car Rental

Miami Airport Car Rental Overview

Getting a Miami Airport car rental for your visit to Miami will definitely enhance your trip and help you plan your experience better. You can plan your day and travel to various places within the city as well as other nearby destinations with relative ease. Enjoy the bright sunshine of vibrant Miami as you cruise in your car rental Miami Airport.

Your travel plans and number of people traveling with you can help you decide which Miami Airport car rental is best for you. Get great deals on your choice of cars by pre booking your vehicle online. You can choose from a compact car, a mini van, a pickup truck, a luxury sedan, a full sized SUV, a convertible or a classic depending on your choice, budget and age.

Customers have to be 21 years and above to book a car rental in Miami. There are some restrictions on the make and category of cars for those between the age of 21 to 24 years. Customers 25 years of age and above can rent any car of their choice if all other procedures are cleared.

Booking Miami Car Rental Online

Booking your Miami Car Rental Online offers you quite a few advantages as you can complete most of the necessary procedures online which will in turn save you a lot of time on your vacation. Booking online also helps to plan your holiday better and in a far more organized manner.

Book your Miami Airport Car Rental in advance, as it ensures you have your choice of car that you wish to rent depending on your budget and purpose. There are several options for Miami Airport Car Rentals where you can choose based on the number of people traveling and the places you wish to travel.

Booking your Car Rental Miami Airport online is a great way to save some money on your vacation and once you have made your booking online you no longer have to wait or waste any of your vacation time. Rental Cars Miami Airport options are expansive and you can have your pick of the most suitable rental cars.

Options for Miami Airport Car Rental

Toyota Rav4

Toyota Rav4 is an automatic SUV that is completely air conditioned, it can comfortably hold 5 people with luggage. You will be given a full tank of fuel and unlimited mileage, you are expected to return the car in the same state you took. Any problems with the car will be added to your final bill. When booking you can also get additional things such as toddler seats, GPS Navigation and much more with a little extra charge.

Nissan Quest

Nissan Quest is a passenger van, a spacious family car that can hold 7 people and luggage very comfortably, it runs on gasoline and has air conditioning. The car will have a full tank and will be completely sanitized, the paperwork and procedure will be done while maintaining social distance for the safety of you and your family. At a little extra cost you will be given your own personal driver, a toddler seat, GPS navigation and much more.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Grand Cherokee is a SUV meant for families, it has 5 seats and has a good capacity for baggage keeping making it a very comfortable car for road trips. The car is fully air conditioned and comes with automatic transmission for easy and comfortable driving experience. You can get a driver, GPS Navigation system, toddler seat and child seat for a little extra cost. These things are not pre- installed and need to be requested while booking.

Chevrolet Spark

Chevrolet Spark is a small hatchback car that can comfortably hold 4 passengers and luggage. It is fully air-conditioned and has automatic transmission. Chevrolet Spark can be driven within the city with ease. You can drive the car for as long as you want without any extra cost, you will be given the car with a full fuel tank and it is recommended to return the car with the same amount of fuel in it so you can avoid paying the refueling charges while dropping the car off at the Center. You can ask for a Booster seat, infant seat, navigation system and more for a little extra cost.

Ford Mustang Convertible

Ford Mustang Convertible is a luxury car that can hold up-to 4 passengers and minimal amount of baggage, thus this car is best if you are traveling alone or in a small group. The car is convertible, fully air conditioned and has automatic transmission making your ride super smooth and calm. You can get a driver, GPS navigation and many more by paying a little extra amount. The car will be completely sanitized and the fuel tank will be full before the keys are handed to you. Visitors are expected to return the car in the same condition.

Nissan Sentra

Nissan Sentra is an intermediate level car good for families with 2 to 5 people. The vehicle is fully air conditioned and has automatic transmission. Nissan Sentra can be driven within city limits easily and has very smooth controls. You will have unlimited mileage which is to say you can drive it for as long as you want without any extra cost, you will also be given a full tank of fuel and will be expected to return the car in the same condition.

Chevrolet Silverado

Chevrolet Silversmith is an automatic semi truck or pick up truck with 5 seats and ample luggage area, it is fully air conditioned and is an all terrain car. Chevrolet Silverado is known as a high strength car and is a premium fleet car. You will be given the truck in a fully sanitized state with a full gas tank. This car runs on gasoline and offers great mileage, thus it is best for every kind of group such as families, friends, colleagues or any other.

Ford Transit Passenger Van

The Ford Transit Passenger Van is a comfortable 12 seater van which can comfortably hold 8 to 12 people. The vehicle has enough room for a comfortable leg space and plenty of luggage space. It's refined versatility makes it one of the top full-sized vans in this range. The van gives excellent mileage and is ideal for long road trips with friends and family. There is significant space for luggage, is fully air-conditioned and perfect for all kinds of terrain.

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla is a midsize family vehicle that can hold up-to 5 passengers and luggage with ease, this car comes with automatic transmission and complete air conditioning. While picking up the Car you will be given a full fuel tank and it is best to return the car with a full tank to avoid paying refueling charges at the center. The car is completely sanitized for your protection and social distancing is practiced at the center very stringently.

Why should you Book Miami Airport Car Rental Online?

  • Pre Book your Car Rentals - Booking online gives you the option of pre booking your choice of rental cars at Miami Airport. You can submit the necessary documents and get all the procedures done before your vacation starts. This way you won't waste your valuable vacation time waiting around for your car. Pre booking also helps when it comes to getting your choice of cars.

  • Ease of booking- Booking your Miami Airport Car Rental online is truly convenient and you can get it done while sitting comfortably at home. You can complete the documentation process very easily without the usual standing in queues. You can choose the type of car and what you need to be added to the vehicle as you make your bookings.

  • Deals - Booking your car rental online also gets you amazing deals which can save you money hence making your trip a more enjoyable one. Booking online has several discounts on prices as well as special deals that are on offer only for internet bookings.

Know Before You Rent an Airport Car in Miami

Drivers License
Age Requirements

While booking your Miami Airport Car Rental, the driver has to present a valid driver's license in the driver's name. The license holder should have a safe driving record and may also be asked to sign a driving record addendum.

The Rental service provider may ask for a computerized Department of Motor Vehicles check and based on the report, reserves the right to accept or deny a rental opportunity. Customers with a driver's license in a non-Roman alphabet may be asked to present an international driving permit (IDP) for translation purposes.

  • If the reservation is canceled 24 before the scheduled pick up time then the prepaid amount will be refunded minus the processing fees.

  • If the car is not picked up on schedule and then you cancel then the prepaid amount will not be refunded at all.

  • If the vehicle is returned early before the scheduled date, no portion of the prepaid amount will be refunded.

  • Make sure you keep your reservation confirmation number with you, as one may need it if you require any modifications to be done, cancellations or in case of no-show refund requests.

  • A customer has to be at least 25 years old to be able to rent luxury cars, premium SUVs, full size SUVS, 12 passenger vans, specialty vehicles, street falls or those falling in the cool car categories.

  • A customer who is 21 years old can rent a car that does not fall under the categories mentioned above. An underage surcharge will be added for those between 21 to 24 years old.

FAQs Related to Miami Airport Car Rental

How do I rent a car at Miami Airport?

The best way to get your Miami Airport Car Rental done is by booking it online. You can complete all the necessary documentation and processing online and we will ensure you get your car rental at excellent prices. This way you can save both time and money plus you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Where is the cheapest place to book a rental car?

The cheapest place to book a Miami Airport car rental is online as you get several offers and discounts when you book your ride online instead of onsite.

Where do you return cars at Miami International Airport?

Return Location for rental cars : 3900 NW 25th St. Miami.To return the rental car to the MIA, put the center's location in your car's GPS. There are also overhead signs for you to find the center without difficulties. Alternatively, you can also use the '' One-way rental'' to return the rental car at another location, sometimes this has some extra fee applied to it.

Can I rent a car at Miami airport with a debit card?

Yes, most car rental companies in the USA allow you to rent cars using debit cards, you can also pay using cash. Paying with credit cards might be a problem as most of the rental services don't accept them.

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